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Una stecca adatta al gioco del pool elevata qualità tecnico costruttiva.

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Stecche biliardo nuova generazione della famosissima casa Mezz cue

Stecca da pool Exceed grintosa e dinamica.

La serie nasce con il nuovo puntale  WX-S (Sigma)


  •     Lunghezza puntale 737mm (29.0inch)
  •     Cuoio Kamui S
  •     Attacco United
  •     Grip Irish line
  •     Peso 538~552g (19.0~19.5oz)
  •     puntale  WX-S (Sigma)(19.0~19.5oz)

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1 recensione per MEZZ EC9 – W [IRISH LINEN WRAP]

  1. Tom Daly

    the best cue I’ve ever used the colour of the wood is really nice,build quality is top notch and the united joint is so flush to the butt it almost feels like a 1 piece cue,the sigma wk-e is so smooth and definitely low deflection cue tip that comes standard is a kamui original soft which feels excellent,holds chalk really well and combined with the shaft you can’t go wrong the sound of the cue when it makes contact is beautiful but i definitely will be upgrading to the ignite soon do not hesitate buying this cue also you can upgrade from the included shaft to ex pro,hybrid pro II and wx alpha one final thing i recommended getting the 4 inch exceed extension it gives that a little extra punch on shots especially long ones

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